How to Properly and Effectively Speak to Your Manager About Promotions and Career Pathing

If you wish to have a fulfilling career, it is crucial that you take the initiative regarding conversations about your future. A meaningful conversation with your boss can impact your career trajectory. Here are a few ways to maximize the effectiveness and productivity of a chat about your career.


Before discussing your career, it is essential to do research. There is a chance that you are not aware of the different options and career paths available to you, so take the time to understand your options. Try to understand the current state of the market and what skills are currently in demand. Also, be clear as to what salary can be expected based on your experience and your education.

Understand Your Value

As you map out your career trajectory, it is essential to understand your unique talents and abilities. Know your weaknesses too and how you plan to improve on them. A self-assessment may give you a comprehensive understanding of your strengths and shortcomings. Think of your wins, successful projects and outcomes, and challenges you have overcome. Write down these experiences and examine the similarities.

Please make a point to know about your company and the goals it is trying to achieve too. Think about your role in this equation and how you can help your organization meet its initiatives. Ultimately, you will use this information to chart your course, whether a raise, a change of job function or school tuition assistance.

Establish the Correct Tone

Are you prepared? If yes, it is time to approach your boss. Let your supervisor know that you are interested in learning how to expand your skillset and grow as a professional within your company. Provide your manager with information beforehand so they will also have time to prepare.

Start the conversation by expressing your gratitude for your boss’s time and assistance. As you proceed with the discussion, remember that the objective of the meeting is to acquire new and better information from somebody with a perspective different from your own. Of course, be ready with your plans and ideas for moving forward, but remain open to other ideas and options your boss might bring to the table.

Ask Difficult Questions

This meeting is a fantastic opportunity for constructive feedback. Be sure to ask your supervisor to share their thoughts regarding your most effective skills and how you can develop them. Discuss their long-term goals for the organization, the team and you. Ask your boss what future they see for you at the organization and any room for growth. Understanding the specifics surrounding why your boss values you as an employee and where they envision your career moving will help you make decisions about your future.

Just the Beginning

This conversation is just the start. Take time to digest new information before taking action. Contemplate your options and form questions. If you need to, schedule subsequent meetings to gain further clarification or approval for the next steps.

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