Healthy Ways to Burn Off Stress

Stress is a part of life and when it hits, the panicked, overwhelming strain can affect your family, relationships and professional life. Unfortunately, we cannot control the cause of our stress most of the time. However, you can manage the symptoms, alleviate the grievances and remedy the situation. It is essential that you have effective stress relievers to calm your mind and body.

Take Deep Breaths

A simple, effective stress reliever is deep breathing. You can combat many of the physiological symptoms of stress through controlled and slow breathing from the diaphragm. When you control your breathing pattern, you take control of one thing in your life, and it helps you feel better. Try this technique two or three times per day, especially during stressful times.

Go for a Walk

Exercise is an outstanding stress reliever that can work in minutes. A brief walk lets you enjoy a change of scenery, which helps to put you into a different frame of mind. You also get the health benefits of exercise. It does not matter if it is a stroll around the office or a long walk-in the park after work; walking can help you rejuvenate your mind and body.

Guided Imagery

Guided imagery provides a brief vacation for your mind as it involves imagining yourself being in a happy place. You can practice this technique with a recording where you listen to someone walk you through a peaceful scene or with practice, you can be your guide.

Close your eyes and walk yourself through a peaceful scene. Think about the sensory experiences and feel like you are there at your ideal place. After a few minutes of this, open your eyes and return to the present moment.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

You can start progressive muscle relaxation by relaxing all the muscles in your body, group by group. Start with a few deep breaths. Next, practice tightening and loosening each muscle group, starting with your forehead and going down to your toes. Eventually, you will learn to recognize tension, and you will be able to relax easier.

Allow Time for Leisure Activities

Leisure activities are a fantastic way to relieve stress. Unfortunately, many people feel like their lives are too busy for hobbies, games or extra fun. However, making time for leisure activities can help you feel your best, helping you perform better. Leisure time helps make your work time more efficient.

Prioritize Exercise

Physical activity is vital for managing stress and improving mental health. The best news is that multiple activities help you reduce stress. You can join a gym, take a class or exercise outside. Exercise enables you to reduce overall anxiety in the short-term, and it helps you better maintain your reduced stress for the longer-term.

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