Balancing Your Career With Your Family Life Is Especially Difficult for Nurses. Here Is How to Make the Most of Both

Balancing Work and Life for Nurses | Power Personnel

Nurses are handling long work hours, inadequate staffing, relationship and child care challenges, and the constant worry about friends and family at risk for COVID-19. These stressors take a toll on you both mentally and physically. To decrease this stress and give your personal and professional life a healthy balance, you will need to take intentional steps. Here is how you can balance your life.

Schedule Time for Yourself

Take a few moments during lunch or in between patients to take a few deep breaths and recognize how you feel in the moment. If possible, take a walk outside or stretch to loosen any tight muscles. When you do leave work, make sure you leave work at work. Do something you enjoy. Take some time and chat with friends and family virtually or work on a hobby.

Get Control Over Your Personal Life

It is essential that you delegate chores that cause you to stress and that take up your valuable time. Consider using a grocery delivery app to reduce the time spent shopping for food or other essential items. Ask family members to share household chores.

Start a conversation with your family to discuss the significance of spending time together as well as alone. Schedule bonding time, but also take time to relax without the additional pressure from family and friends.

Add the word no to your vocabulary. To maintain a healthy work-life balance, you may have to turn down extra projects or requests. Allow yourself permission and time for self-care.

Maintain Your Health

Spend time moving your body. Take a walk, go hiking or bike with your children. Try to eat healthy, wholesome foods that will nourish your body and your mind. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, seek professional help. Keep in mind that your mental health is as critical as your physical health. When you live a healthy life, you will have more energy to care for your patients and your family.

Get Plenty of Rest

To perform at your peak, it is essential that you rest to energize and revitalize your body. To get enough sleep, try to get 7 to eight hours of rest per day. As a nurse, you may already be exhausted after working a stressful day at the hospital, so try to concentrate on the positive aspects of your day as you drift off to sleep. Recounting all of the positives will encourage a good night’s rest.

Time Management

Time management is often difficult for nurses due to numerous demands that conflict with each other. If you have a significant other, sit down with them and discuss relationship expectations. Search for areas where you need to establish limits on your time and stick by them. At work, you can set boundaries with your patients while still demonstrating empathy.

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