DE&I at Power Personnel


Today’s workforce is increasingly diverse and expects more from their employers. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is mission-critical to attracting these candidates. Recruitment focused on DEI is the secret to winning the war for top talent. Employers will need to learn how to attract a broader range of talent or be left behind.


Diversity is a core value of Power Personnel. We have an inclusive workplace that has been a catalyst in providing creative workforce solutions that help our clients thrive. Our ability to use DEI to win the war on talent has resulted in exceptional growth that has led to Power Personnel being named to the 2022 list of Fastest Growing Staffing Firms by Staffing Industry Analysts.

DE&I comes naturally at Power Personnel. Diversity is reflected in our internal staff and our contingent staff. We prioritize ethnic diversity as our champion. We believe these groups are often left out of the DE&I equation, and we want to have an impact.

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Power Personnel isn’t just a diverse employer; we are a diversity influencer with deep community involvement that profoundly impacts the people, places, and organizations we serve.

Diversity Influencer. CEO Rickey Green was honored as a diversity influencer by Staffing Industry Analysts. The recognition is based on the company’s community involvement and the high level of diversity of its internal and external staff.

Community Impact. Power Personnel partners with community organizations, schools, career centers, and government agencies to bring jobs to the community. During the pandemic, Power Personnel provided a critical community service by supplying diverse and compassionate nurses to support the isolation hotels that protected the residents and relieved the stressed acute care facilities.

Diversity of Staff. Diversity is part of Power Personnel’s business from the inside out. Our commitment to diversity is consistent throughout the company from head to toe, from our executives, managers, and office staff to our external candidates. Power Personnel’s internal and external staff are more than 80% ethnically diverse. We walk the talk here.


In today’s labor market, candidates seek companies that align with their values. Diversity is a core value that attracts candidates. Candidates want to work for companies that look like they do and share their goals and beliefs. To counter the Great Resignation, companies with a recruitment strategy that attracts diverse candidates will outperform their competitors in the war for top talent.

Contingent DEI is the secret to closing the talent gap for many organizations. Power Personnel can help you implement an immediate contingent DEI strategy and make your company more competitive in attracting candidates.


Contingent DEI staffing is an efficient and effective workforce strategy for achieving diversity and inclusion objectives. In a tight labor market, companies with a sincere DEI strategy stand a better chance of attracting top talent. A workplace where all employees are represented and feel seen and heard is essential to winning the war for talent. Leading organizations understand contingent workers offer an opportunity to advance inclusion.  

DEI is not just something we recommend to others; it’s the foundation our company is built upon. Not only do we hire with an eye toward diversity, but we also quantify our DEI performance with metrics to evaluate our success in meeting our DEI commitment.  

Our corporate partners rely on Power Personnel’s Contingent DEI Staffing Service to immediately impact their DEI metrics and to advance the process of achieving a more inclusive culture and higher performing workforce.  

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